Legends of the Wulin: The Blades of Heaven

End Prologue


The streams flow ever on…

Liu Ru, his consciousness fading, watched as Li fled, leaving an note that simply said “Consider this a warning.” Koryo began to round up his fellows. Xing Yu Ming managed to put out the fire during the chase, and Dong Zhuo saved a young lady, who is smitten with him. When they arrived where Liu Ru was, they found he had been taking by his fellow, Sleeping Lu. Lu tended to Liu Ru through surgery, and he managed to recover. Charged by their cold fury, they began to hunt for news and portents of Li.

Koryo found a magistrate, Iron Eye Nan, and asked about who might have attempted an assassination of the Emperor, leading him to suspect one of the four Banes of the Wulin. Dong Zhuo hunted a local crime lord, leaving behind the broken bodies of his followers. By negotiating with Gao, he secured information, discovering that Li works for the Black Lotus Society, but that the Society did not, in fact, seem to directly have anything to do with the plot. Gao, though displeased at joining the local Little Forest monestary, settled in.

Uncertain of what was occurring, Dong Zhuo, Liu Ru and Xing Yu Ming sought out Qin and Ling to determine what they might know. Qin was highly distrustful of Li, but could not offer any advice. However, while sipping tea, those gathered notice Li’s note gave more information when exposed to heat, revealing a second message: “Seek Sagacious Zu.”

With no other leads, the group set out to seek the Dagger Prophet, the only man who might know something of Zu’s Library. They hired a ship, the Summer Storm, which is captained by a man known only as Typhoon.



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