Black Hurricane



Concept: Ferocious Mercenary

Archetype: Warrior

Hardiness is likely exceptional

Unknown, though he seems to favor selfish virtues.


Kung Fu:
Infamous for his use of twin axes.

Weapon: Dual Axes
Light Armor, when he chooses to wear anything at all.

Chi: ???

Eagle Talons


Who the Black Hurricane is is a matter of some debate. In truth, few people have the desire to dig up too much of his past. What little can be pieced together is that he is a brutal and vicious warrior with little regard to safety, either of innocents or his own.

He is possibly most famous for his ‘resolution’ of a conflict between two clans. He did so by charging, naked, into the fray and forcing both sides to fight him instead. After an extended battle, he was the sole survivor.

Since then, he has joined the Eagle Talons as a mercenary. His employers keep him as far away from civilization as possible. His style utilizes paired axes, which he uses to great effect. It has been noted that no one that large should be able to move as quickly as he does.

Black Hurricane

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