Fen Long

"Know the past, act in the present, and you control the future."


Concept: Traditional Tactician

Archetype: Warrior

Tactics and Learning seem to be favored

Clearly favors Righteousness and Honor


Kung Fu:
Practices Heaven’s Lightning as well as styles which favor the spear.

Weapon: Spear
Light Armor

Chi: ???

Falling Leaves Society, likely others within it.


The woman named Fen studied under her uncle, a general from the Army. She studied literature, arts, and tactics with him. While her father had intended her to marry into a noble household, but she left them behind in order to pursue her own destiny. Her uncle supported her decision and sponsored her entry to the Falling Leaves Society. Her grace and beauty as well as keen mind has brought her quickly into the spotlight. What was unexpected was that she ended up joining the Blue Flame Branch, and now acts in the hopes of creating a golden age born of a union between the wisdom of the past and the innovation of the present.

Fen herself dresses in elegant fashion, tending to let her whims dictate how she appears. Although she is a skilled combatant in several arms, she tends to favor a spear given to her by her uncle as a parting gift.

Fen Long

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