Tranquil River

"I seek peace, however distant it is."


Concept: Peacemaker

Archetype: Priest

Knows some medicine from his reputation.

Clearly favors benevolence. Shuns selfish virtues.


Kung Fu:
Practices one of the Dragon Well martial styles as well as Removing Concepts

Weapon: Bow
Light Armor

Chi: ???

Dragon Well Sect, Daoism


A wandering priest of the Dragon Well Sect, the man known simply as Tranquil River promotes peace, both on a personal and a group level. He tries where he can to stop conflict, ranging from a scuffle between boys to wars between factions. He is known for his subtle smile and disarming calm.

His name gives some understanding to his martial style: still waters run deep, but not necessarily slowly. He will often defeat his opponents with grace and superiority, but he has never, and likely never will, kill opponents. When asked why he refuses to kill, he says that, should the need arise, he will, but that he has yet to find a problem that can not be solved without the need to take a life.

Tranquil River

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