The Silk Road
This is the lifeline which connects Shen Zhou to the far lands in the distant west. Travelers from strange lands often find their way into the Empire.

  • 1+ Involvement: Your destiny is tied to the Silk Road somehow. Perhaps you met a wanderer from the Far West. Or maybe you gain some control over a trading company.
  • 3+ Involvement: If you know the Doctor’s Secret Art, you discover a new and exotic ingredient for your practice that will be useful for the current story.
  • 1+ Treasure: You find…something from a distant land. It might be something as trivial as a foreign coin to something as amazing as a fighting manuscript or a legendary weapon! Work out the details with the Sage.

This distant island empire is related in language to Shen Zhou. They will trade both goods and philosophies. Notably militaristic and rigidly structured, this Empire is possibly a threat, possibly and ally.

  • 1+ Involvement: Your story will involve the militaristic empire. Perhaps you meet one of their warriors or diplomats.

Philosophies of Distant Lands

  • 3+ Involvement: You learn of one of the Philosophies of the distant lands.
    • 3+ Secret: You learn a new virtue or modify existing ones to fall in harmony with the lores of this new philosophy. Work with the sage to decide on the details.
    • 5 Disadvantage: You are devoted to one of these strange philosophies. Shen Zhou is usually fairly tolerant of such practices, but taking this disadvantage will cause you to come into conflict with locals. You gain extra destiny whenever your beliefs in this outside philosophy cause you trouble.


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