Sagacious Zu's Library

Master Zu’s Library
There are several secrets that none are aware of in Shen Zhou. Legends speak of a man who collected such secrets named Sagacious Zu. His findings are said to be collected in a secret library somewhere in Shen Zhou. The location (or locations) of this hidden knowledge is unknown, but if it does exist, it would contain kung fu secrets, locations of hidden treasure, and perhaps even information on specific problems in the campaign.

  • 1+ Involvement: Your destiny will be tied to Master Zu’s Library. Perhaps you will seek it out. You may stumble across rumors of its location. You might even discover its location.
  • 10 Victory: It exists, and you have found it! The location of the library shall allow you to learn ancient secrets, including new Discoveries for the Secret Arts, Transcendent Techniques, or the location of Legendary Weapons.
    • -3: …but the information is incomplete. Perhaps the library is in several locations, or maybe the secret was not fully recorded, or the information has worn with time.

Sagacious Zu

  • 1+ Involvment: You will discover a secret about the mysterious sage.

Sagacious Zu's Library

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